Creativity, Passion, Aesthetic Sense – ZEMA came to existence along these values. Internationally unique, ZEMA leaped out from the founder couple’s mind, who had realized and set the example: everything is possible to accomplish with enduring work, imagination and insistence. 

ZEMA is a family. In accurate, and in figurative sense also. Name made from the founder family members’ initials, ZEMA in its mainland, as a leading artisan jewellry trademark has the purpose of raising the standard and proving the real quality behind workmanship, of what people can achieve, with zero emission, and full of determination.

 The brand celebrates the successes of the given period with a breathtaking, independent lead event where we present the newest collections of ZEMA.

The concept is clear: We create porcelain jewels with unique aesthetic value. Our mission is to design valuables much more significant than pretty accessories: ZEMA Jewels are masterpieces of fine and applied art. Wearing ZEMA Jewels is a presentation of sophisticated taste, style and quality-oriented perspective, and dedication to culture. The production happens in the brand’s own Manufactory. Every detail, from porcelain elements to the necklaces are made by hand, most procedures by specialists and experts, using 24 karat gold, and 23 karat platinum. That is why every ZEMA piece is unrepeatable. Everyone can find their favourite between the diverse, variegated collections.

ZEMA Jewels was represented by success on several international fairs and exhibitions worldwide, created sensation among considerable events of fashion like Birmingham Autumn Fair, JCK Las Vegas, Bijorhca Paris, or even London Essence International Fashion Showcase, Romanian City Fashion, New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, and presented every year on Central European Fashion Week in Hungary. 

Have you known?

ZEMA is a mosaic word

It is made from the owners' children’s initials. ( Zsófia-Sophie, Eszter-Esther, Máté- Matthew, Apa+Anya-Dad+Mom)

Family Business

The brand is driven by couple.
CEO: Janos Papp
Creative Director, lead designer: Erzsebet Papp
Marketing and Sales Director: Zsófia Papp
Deputy Director, legal adviser: Mate Janos Papp

  1. Value:Every jewelry made by ZEMA is a real value, the outcome of several weeks hard work as a masterpiece: that is why ZEMA Jewels make their wearer happy.
  2. Underlying content:Every single piece has an underlying content, from which everybody may draw strength. The strength draws from past and present cultures.
  3. EU product:
    ZEMA Jewels are European, 100% Hungarian products. The reliable quality is guaranteed.
  4. Eco-concious product:The main ingredients of the porcelain are feldspar and kaolin, which seed in a natural environment. Through the production, everything is hand-made, the only energy source used by ZEMA is electric power, which our company gains by own solar cells. A brilliant looking accessory, made with environmental protection.
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