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Welcome to the official  ZEMA online store. If you wish to become a customer and active user on zemajewels.com, please carefully read through the following terms and conditions of use. Only upon understanding and agreeing to the following should you take advantage of our services.

By using the Web Site, you agree to these Terms of Use. Please carefully review these terms, as they affect your legal rights. If you do not agree to be bound by these terms of use, you must refrain from using the web site immediately. 

We reserve the right to change or update these Terms of Use, we kindly ask you to check this page regularly. Any modifications to these Terms of Use will become effective when published on the web site. Your continued use of the web site after any modifications of these Terms of Use constitutes your agreement to be bound by the modified Terms of Use.

The following Terms Of Use contain the terms of use for the services mentioned on this(zemajewels.com) website. By using this site, the user acknowledges and accepts our Terms of Use. 

Site activity

On this webshop ZEMA  sells handmade high quality porcelain jewels  for women, handmade cufflinks for man, and handcrafted Christmas ornaments also. Orders placed on the web shop will be delivered via a courier company. All products are delivered from stock. Regarding shipping and delivery please refer to the Shipping & Delivery

Terms of Use

All users use the website entirely at their own risk, while accepting that the service provider does not take any responsibility for any material and non-material damages that may occur. 

In addition, the provider is not liable to the users for any loss or corruption of data, loss or damage to their computer equipment, or any loss, damage suffered by them as a result of their negligence that may result in personal injury. 

The provider disclaims all responsibility for the behaviour of the users who are fully and solely liable for their own actions. The user must ensure that while using the website it does not harm directly or indirectly any third parties rights nor the legislation.

Trade Marks

ZEMA is a registered trademark. The entire website is copyrighted, which means it is strictly prohibited to copy, modify or distribute any of the materials posted on the website.

The ordering procedure at ZEMA

On the website we provide product presentation and online ordering services for our users. The users are allowed to browse with the help of the menu options. The products are sorted into categories, and collections. All products that are on sale, are going to be sorted into a highlighted category. At every product, both the original and the discounted price is posted. 

As the user clicks on a certain category, all items included in it will be shown. If all the items in the category don’t fit into one page, the user should scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the numbers to turn to the next page. 

The user can gain a detailed information about a product either by clicking on a product and looking at it in a quick view or on the products data sheet. On the website users have the possibility to search according to name, colour and price. Upon selecting the colour and quantity of the chosen item, it can be placed into the shopping bag by clicking on the bag button. 

The contents of the shopping bag can be checked under the bag title, where you can modify the quantity of your order, while being able to completely remove it from your bag also. You can continue with your order by clicking on proceed to checkout button. 

On the Billing Details page, the customer must provide all the information necessary for shipping and billing. In this section, the customer has the option to write comments regarding to order and delivery. The payment method is by credit and debit card only.

Upon accepting and agreeing with our terms & conditions, you may finalise your order by hitting the submit button. You will receive a confirmation both on the website and in e-mail. In case, the user notices an error after the confirmation of the order, they must report it immediately to the service provider via email: [email protected] .

The confirmation e-mail contains all the information provided during the ordering process, such as the name of the item, its price, quantity, payment method, shipping costs, order number, and the users comments regarding the order.


Upon the fulfilment of the order, the service provider issues a VAT included digital invoice via email.

The invoice does not qualify for further resale of the products.


All payments are by credit/debit card only. After submitting your order, the system will automatically redirect you to a surface where you can submit your card information. 

We accept Visa, EuroCard/MasterCard, American Express credit cards, through Barion, PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay. 

We never gain access to your credit card information, we only get a notification whether the transaction was successful or not. If the transaction was successful, then our colleagues will receive your order. About this you will get an e-mail confirmation. If you don’t receive the e-mail confirmation within 10 minutes, check your spam folder or contact us by phone. For the payment you need to submit your credit card number, the card owner, the expiry date and the last 3 digits of the verification number on the back. If you have filled in all the information, the payment is complete after pressing the submit order button. Then, the financial institution checks the data entered by the user and if everything is correct, the amount is deducted from the purchaser’s card. 

Both the successful and unsuccessful transactions are displayed by the system, which then gives the user the option to step back to the web shop’s home page. You have to click on the link offered by the system, to continue. The credit card payment goes through a closed, encrypted system provided by the bank. 

The service provider states that based on their contract with the bank, they are liable for keeping all the information confidential and will not give it to any third parties. The general terms & conditions for paying with credit cards apply to credit card purchases in our web shop. The safety, encryption of the information and the proper transaction of the payment is ensured and carried out by the bank. The provider is informed by the bank about the outcome of the transaction. Therefore the service provider does not take responsibility for payment related issues. The user is responsible for providing real information and is required to use the service properly, according to the terms & conditions. The bank is entitled to immediately suspend the transaction in suspect of fraudulent activity. The service provider does not revise the bank’s decision whether the transaction was successful, unsuccessful or fraudulent. The provider has the right to make claims from the customer in case of a transaction that was qualified as a fraudulent by the bank. The service provider shall not liable if the internet connection is lost, therefore the transaction is not completed or failed.

The purpose of the data transferring: customer service assistance, transaction confirmations, fraud-monitoring. 

During the credit card payment the user consents to the following: I accept, that my personal information stored in the zemajewels.com database by Stylist-Jewels Kft. ( Hungary, 1089 Budapest, Bláthy Ottó str. 4-8., half-floor 1 ), is transferred to (Barion Payment Zrt.) who act as data manager. The following information is transferred : 

  • Purchase data (e.g. amount of purchase, detailed shopping cart content, i.e. what you purchased)
  • Data necessary for completion of bank transfer payment (such as phone number, email)

Technical limits

ZEMA does not take liability for any errors occurring during the online shopping on the website. All users use the website for their own responsibility, and agree that they cannot hold the provider responsible for any technical errors that may occur.

Last updated: 2021.04.10

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