Mission, Core Values


Our mission is to praise women and make them stand out and feel the art by creating innovative, exquisite luxurious porcelain jewelry that contributes style according to her personality and creates unforgettable memories close to our hearts.

Core Values

Quality&Value – We produce among the highest porcelain quality, and elevate the underlying value by making and painting by hand with the highest precision. We always develop our capabilities to provide the most comfortable and fast-responding services.

Endless possibilities

Due to the flexibility of material, and in porcelain production, only the imagination can set a limit


All jewelry is handcrafted in our manufactory workshop in Hungary. We are an eco-conscious company, we recycle all our manufacturing waste to create something new.


All ZEMA Jewels are made with perfection and maximum care thanks to the 15 years of experience.


Our Customer Service is here to help to meet any need.

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